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World-Class Wool

For 1,000s of years, wool has become the fabric of choice when creating long-lasting, warm clothing. Pure wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable and 100% sustainable which makes it the perfect fabric for our collections.

We’re proud to be part of The Campaign for Wool - an initiative founded by His Royal Highness King Charles with an aim to promote the benefits of wool and bring associations, farmers and fashion brands together. 

From the very beginning, our garments have been made from the finest wool from around the world, including here in the UK. The world's oldest and most renewable fibre is also the most versatile and modern which aligns with the &SONS ethos. 

Our Favourite Natural Fabric

Like the fisherman and miners of old Cornwall, we're huge fans of wool garments. It's truly the best natural fabric for hardwearing garments as it's warm and organically water-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor pursuits.

Not only is is warm, it's also breathable. Wool wicks away moisture from the body keeping you dry and cool when you're out and about. It's one of the most sustainable natural fibres on the planet. 100% biodegradable and has been proven to break down entirely in our waste systems, leaving no microfibres behind. This natural fibre can make the best quality garments and one we're excited to use!


Good quality wool is grown by sheep who have good lives. We work with wool producers all over the globe, including right here at home (Great Britain). 

We can trace our wool and know the quality and welfare of the animals is vital for crafting perfection - something that is hard to match by anyone else.

How To Care For Wool

Like denim, wool needs washing far less than you might think. It has natural antibacterial properties meaning you only need to spot cleaning unless it gets properly dirty. 

We recommend washing all of our wool garments on a low setting to prevent damage in the cleaning process, and make sure not to tumble dry. Instead, dry flat and reshape whilst damp for the best results. 

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Our Pioneer Cardigan has recently been awarded the British Wool accreditation meaning we can now document the very origins of our wool and ensure it’s been sustainably farmed and is of the highest quality.  

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