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The Return of Rockabilly and our ECO Double Black Jeans

There’s something about the rockabilly look that just oozes fiery confidence and irresistible charm. It maybe is down to the iconic imagery of musicians who have channelled the style throughout history or it may be the edgier, modern approach to the style. Whatever the invisible pull, the spirit of the rockabilly is hard to match. 

With rockabilly-inspired style in mind, we took our inspiration from the legends such as Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis who wore jeans with a lower rise and narrower leg, often tapered below the knee. Through endless testing and careful decision making, we bring you The Rocker 14oz Double Black Selvedge. 

Rockabilly Style 

Rockabilly is thought to be one of the earliest forms of rock ‘n’ roll which dates back to the 1950’s. The term "rockabilly" itself is a portmanteau of "rock" (from "rock 'n' roll") and "hillbilly", the latter a reference to country music (often called "hillbilly music" in the 1940s and 1950s) that contributed strongly to the style. 

First made popular by artists such as Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1950s, the rockabilly movement regained popularity in the 70’s and 80’s  and has become a unique genre of music that has continued to exist in both music and fashion.

The Fit  

The Rocker draws inspiration from an era of fashion where guys wore jeans with a lower rise and narrower leg, often tapered below the knee. We've adopted these characteristics and created a mid-rise fit with a straight leg, with the addition of our signature chore pocket, and bike strap finished with subtle hardware and &SONS branding.

Stay Black 

Black dye provides a richer colour as it runs deeper than traditional indigo. By dyeing both the warp and weft, you will notice minimal fading over time, no matter how hard you wear them. The dye will stay richer for longer and provide contrasting denim for your outfit. Double black denim is the perfect partner for indigo-dyed pieces such as a denim jacket or chambray shirt, making this a versatile palette for your summer outfit.  

Circular Fashion 

Our industry has a significant impact on the environment due to the process of manufacturing the waste brought on by fast fashion. At times, the impact is unavoidable but when we’re met with the opportunity to create something truly pioneering, we have to practice what we preach.  

We partnered with ISKO, who drive sustainability into their fabric production, to ensure our Rockers are the most sustainable, eco-friendly jeans we have produced to date. Everything from the fabric source, washing techniques and the product has been scrutinised and redeveloped to meet exact standards.  

Get The Look

Traditionally, the rockabilly style for guys is leather and denim jackets, plaid and bowling shirts, jet black jeans, and brogues or chunky boots.

Today there is an edgier undertone in contemporary rockabillies, who adopt elements of punk rock and indie looks, like tattoos. However you style it, it’s all about a cool, relaxed attitude.

We recommend pairing them with our 50's inspired sunglasses for a stylish rockabilly Summer look. Choose from tortoiseshell or gloss black, we’ve introduced a unique metal detailing on the hinge that wraps effortlessly around to the front to further enhance the retro silhouette. 

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