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How To Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

As the clocks have changed and Spring begins to flourish there is a feeling of excitement in the air as Spring is finally here. As with most of our possessions, it’s always good to give everything a refresh at the start of a new season and that also means tackling the wardrobe.  

Whilst there’s no way to cut corners the reward of a tidy wardrobe at the end makes it all worth it. The secret to a confident and personal style is editing your wardrobe regularly – so, let’s do it! 


Before you start pulling everything out, set yourself up for success. We recommend investing in some quality storage boxes to keep things fresh whilst they’re packed away. If your space is limited, try vacuum pack bags that will shrink mounds of clothes down and save up to three times more space. Not only are they airtight, dust-proof and waterproof, can reuse again and again. It’s also worth having something to note down key pieces or things you're missing as you go along. 

Start the Purge  

Everyone has their own system. Whether you work drawer by drawer or pile everything up and put it back neatly, piece by piece, you just need to get an eye on everything you have so you can cut it down.  

Begin sorting into piles – the jeans that no longer fit? Donate. The old t-shirt that you used to wear to the gym? Recycle bin.  

This is the stage you should try things on – especially if you’re unsure. You might find something that you had loved but forgot about or realise that you will never wear a certain pair of trousers again as they no longer fit.  

Decision Time 

Some pieces will be a no brainer. You will either love it and know you have to keep it or realise it’s no longer your style and you need to get rid of it. If it’s damaged or stained find a recycled clothing point to drop them off. If the clothes are still in good shape, then donate them! The effort it takes to take them to a charity shop is worth the new life your clothes will live.  

Some of the pieces might be more challenging. If you’re not sure which pile something belongs in, consider the one-year rule. A good rule of thumb is to begin the year with all of your clothes hung on a hanger facing away from you. Every time you use something, flip the hanger around. Then, it’ll be obvious which clothes you touched throughout the year and which you didn’t, because some hangers will be in their original position. If you haven’t worn something in a long time and it doesn’t have sentimental value then it’s time to let it go. 

Seasonal Packing 

If you have a storage cupboard or access to a loft space it’s a good idea to pack away the seasonal pieces that won’t see the light of day for half the year and rotate accordingly. Thick winter jackets have no place in a summer wardrobe so removing them from your space will allow you to fill it with pieces that you love to wear every day!  

Sort your clothes into the appropriate seasons and pack them away in your boxes or vacuum bags. 

Invest in the Gaps 

Now the main bulk of the work is done you can stand back and admire your handy work. Throughout the process you might have noticed a theme – all of your socks have holes in, you might have very few long sleeve options or you only have one pair of well-fitted jeans.  

Make a list of everything you’re missing, and take note of the pieces that you love and would never get rid of. If you own a leather jacket and wear it all the time, you don’t need to buy the one you just saw in the sale. Prioritising future shopping will make your life much easier because you will know what you’re looking for.  

Remember that truly investing in your wardrobe means reaching for high-quality pieces that you know will last. Timeless, well-crafted clothing can elevate your style and increase your confidence.  

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