&SONS has always championed those pioneers and craftspeople that do what they love every day and when we stumbled upon the account @tobgam and read his bio...

Tobias George. Creative, maker and author.

... We had to find out more. So our Founder, Phil James and the &SONS production crew headed out to a rural workshop tucked away in the Gloucestershire countryside to meet the maker.

And here's what he had to say...

I’ve always carried a love of design and making. Some of my earliest memories are helping my father and grandfather in their garage or workshop  these are skills that over the years I’ve grown more and more grateful for. During school I found myself thriving in the more practical subjects, but found my growth stunted by the school system that focuses so heavily on academia. I appreciate the importance of what the school system teaches, but it was clear to me at a young age that I learnt differently. The truth is that I learn by doing. I always have done. Having the freedom to explore something in detail, to dismantle it and reconstruct it in my own time is the way that I’ve developed my skills and been able to grow in what I do.



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My business began from a place of boredom. Having left school and decided that university wasn’t for me, I found a piece of timber at home and started making some pieces. I had no intention of selling anything, but after sharing photos on social media it became clear that this was something I could do to make some quick cash. Seven years later and that ‘quick cash’ has turned into more of a slow and steady full-time income. Running a business comes with many highs and lows. It’s difficult and I will be the first to say that this route is less travelled and not for everyone, but nothing worth doing is easy, so the joy and fulfilment that comes when things do work out makes you forget the years of difficulty and shows a glimpse of what life can be like when you invest in something you love and it pays off.


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As I look around, I realise more and more that we need a revival in high-quality, properly-crafted items. Just as everyone is so much more aware of what they’re eating and where it comes from, we need to start transferring those concerns over to what we wear and what we put in our homes. We need to buy things made responsibly and crafted to last, rather than something that will be used three or four times, then discarded to landfill. We need to grow an appreciation of items covered in marks and scratches and understand they carry their own history and story. They carry a story from better times when craftsmanship was number 1 above anything else.

I once heard the quote, The memory of poor quality lasts longer than the brief delight in its low price’. Those words have stuck with me as I’ve built and grown my creative business.”


Toby wore

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