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Pioneer Stories: Carey Carter

Carey started out his career in commercial acting and modelling. After reaching out to us on Instagram we have worked together to promote &SONS in Australia, with Carey modelling and photographing our pieces. We caught up with him to talk about style and where he gets his inspiration. 

Tell us your story. How did you begin your career and what led you here? 

Career-wise, I wear many hats and caps along with my 250 plus tee shirts from a 20 plus collection. 

But career-wise, I began as a commercial model and actor when I was 20 years old, and then at around 21 starting commercial model work back in New Zealand for The Agency & Nova Models for Wellington and Auckland.  

Simply had a desire or dream to get amongst the bright lights and action in the industry, had an exceptional experience with so many highs but also the lows of the industry but that’s life and makes or breaks many. 

In your work, what values do you cherish the most?  

Drive, attitude, humility, integrity and respect without any doubts, you have to have these defined qualities of values, because it’s hard work, you have to have that self-drive, desire and integrity for every individual audition, booking and shoot. You are only as good as that last job, shoot, always searching for challenges. 

How would you describe your style?  

My style, love a great tailored style suit, classic two buttons, slim cut shirt and slightly tapped pant, polished shoes are a must. But these days I’ve got back to the roots so to speak of hard-wearing denim waxed or selvedge with the original high-top classic puma boots, despite having a bowling ball shoe feel. Match with a casual tee from the never-ending collection of printed tees or currently carver jacket by yours truly &SONS, a beautiful classic. 

Tell us a bit more about your creative process.   

My creative process, thinking a thousand miles ahead, being an Aries, pulling myself back into a certain direction, feel, the colour of emotion and or visual creative, it’s already set in my mind from start to finish in what the end game results I’m seeking. 

Who is your style icon / where do you get your fashion inspiration? 

Fashionista icons, wow that’s tough one as it’s a mixed bag, Tom Ford, Workshop NZ, Cary Grant, James Dean’s bad boy mixed with that classic of classic movie icons of yesterday’s icons. 

When building a look what pieces do you gravitate towards first?  

I guess I generally start with whom am I talking to or communicating to, mood, vibes if it’s a shoot or audition process. Start at a casual place i.e., pant denim, fitted t-shirt, over shirt or jacket. Suit wise, shirt fitted as think it’s essential to wear a beautifully cut, fitted shirt and then suit colour and or tie flows on if it’s one of those particular meets. 

What brands inspire you?  

Brands that obviously stand out, sticking to the core magic of that beauty of quality garments, fabrics and identity of what is that brand. Casual wise I really love what &SONS is doing with its developing menswear it’s inviting palette and durable, some absolutely ridiculous classic pieces. 

What would you say to someone looking to try a new style?  

Never be afraid to add something fresh, outside the box aka the norm and match something new, something brought and or something borrowed or op shop.

What is your wardrobe essential? The piece you couldn’t live without. 

Currently, it would have to be &SONS carver green jacket, its industrial pioneer vibe, dressed enough for a date, pub pint with friends or out shooting adventures with the camera. But can’t live without would definitely be the classic high top pullover or cable knit especially in the cooler winter. 

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What is your favourite piece from the &SONS Collection? 

Carver Jacket in military green and the Hudson Boots, been a huge fan of their beautifully crafted footwear since the’90’s from the casual hardware to the refined dress shoe, never fails in style. 

What was the most recent album you listened to?  

Recent album mmm, always listening to something a big fan of all genres of music, though recently again David Gray & Jill Scott and alongside Kid Loco are some of my favourites of favourites, but depends upon the mood takes me.

Any recommendation on the best podcast to listen to?   

I’m not going to lie on this one, not a huge one on podcasts actually just hadn’t actually dived into them, though I think there’s some amazing content out there, I’m a book nerd or rather a voracious book collector range from photography, fashion greats, food, historical and creative books. I’m sitting on around 300 odd books now! 

Catch up with Carey at @careycarteractorandmodel


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