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Crafting the Past into the Present: A Blacksmith's Journey

Step into the world of Ru Pooler, a master blacksmith who brings to life the ancient art of metalworking with his hammer and forge. We joined him in his workshop in Cornwall to witness first-hand his keen eye for detail and how he transforms raw materials into functional and beautiful works of art.  

For Ru, blacksmithing is not just a profession, but a way of life that connects him to the long tradition of craftspeople who have honed their skills over centuries. His unique blend of old-world techniques and modern innovation has made him a pioneer in the world of metalworking, and we are excited to introduce him to our Pioneer Series...  

Tell us a little bit about you and your work... 

My name's Ru Pooler, I work in Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall and I’m a Bladesmith.  

The pure part of blacksmithing is ancient so you have to make it work in the 21st century. In order to do that I have to use modern equipment, mixing ancient and modern techniques. If you see a rusting pile of tools, to most people that's rubbish, but to me it's gold. Creation comes from the concept. I try to get old rusty tools and give them a new life. 

Where do you get your inspiration? 

You know, conceptualizing the knife, talking with the customer about what they want. But if there's something I'm just creating myself then I take a lot of inspiration from nature. And the other thing that really motivates me is boredom. 

If I'm just sick of doing the same thing over and over, I want to change something and maybe I'll change the pattern in the Damascus or I’ll change the shape of the blade. Knives are supposed to be tools. 

Essentially, they're tools to be used but they can also be beautiful.  


You mentioned boredom... how do you support your mental health?

I struggle with mental health myself. I try to concentrate on my work, that really helps me if I'm feeling anxious. It gives me focus and I can just be in that moment. 

I also started therapy two years ago and it's changed my life. It shouldn't be a stigma. Especially men who feel less inclined to or think it's a weakness.  

What is your favourite piece from the &SONS collection?  

I really like the Henley shirts because they're so comfortable. I have to wear natural fibres instead of non-synthetic material, because if that burns it'll stick to your skin. I haven't had anything any other material I found from a brand that felt so comfortable.  

Is there an essential piece you have to wear in the workshop? 

I would say one of the most essential pieces of &SONS is the boots because there’s nothing worse than a piece of steel flying off and landing on your foot. You need protection. 


Follow Ru on his social to see more of his work @voyagerforge

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