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The Virginian Unframed Artwork



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"I’d always recommended &SONS"


In the shadow of the majestic Teton Mountains, a singular figure commands attention—the solitary bison, a creature of unparalleled beauty and strength. This powerful image, a favourite of our Founder, Phil James, captures the essence of the individual journey against a breathtaking natural backdrop.

The lone bison stands with a commanding presence, leaning forward as if to face the world with unwavering determination. Its majestic silhouette against the towering Tetons symbolises the power of the individual navigating the vast expanse of life.

The image is a reflection on the resilience and strength found in solitude. The bison becomes an emblem of the individual's journey through the grand tapestry of existence. Each step is deliberate, and each moment carries the weight of its own significance.

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"I’d always recommended &SONS"


  • 30 x 45cm (12 x 18') 
  • 50 x 70cm (18 x 24') 
  • High-quality print on 285gsm paper stock 
  • Frame not included


The Art of Print...

Timeless Archived Images, Artwork, and Designs from the &SONS Studio.

PRINT.WORKS, is an exclusive collection of prints inspired by the same distinctiveness and character that you’ve come to love in our clothing, each with a story to tell and a connection to our brand’s legacy.


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