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&SONS The Chariot Henley Shirt Raw/Red


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A classic Design

"Fabulously designed, quality garments. Great website, speedy delivery & amazing customer service. Will keep coming back to shop here again & again."


Discover the Chariot Henley in a New Shade.

Introducing the Chariot Henley in a vibrant red hue, a striking addition to our collection that captures the essence of both American baseball and British heritage. This garment embodies the perfect fusion of two iconic cultures, delivering an unrivalled blend of sporting heritage and comfort.

Inspired by the timeless appeal of baseball, the Chariot Henley features contrasting red raglan sleeves against the raw cotton body. This historic technique, adopted by baseball teams worldwide, ensures ease of movement and pays homage to the sport's rich history.

The Chariot Henley is your quintessential summer companion, designed to effortlessly navigate sun-soaked days with style and comfort. Crafted from lightweight cotton fabric, this garment keeps you cool and at ease even in the hottest temperatures.

Keep your styling simple with this pared-back, relaxed look. Pair it effortlessly with our Virgil Chinos, classic Baseline high-tops, and our trucker caps. Classic, masculine, and good for every season to come.

"Fabulously designed, quality garments. Great website, speedy delivery & amazing customer service. Will keep coming back to shop here again & again."


  • 100% Organic Cotton 
  • Stone Washed Fabric 
  • Raglan Sleeves in contrasting colour  
  • Curved Hem  
  • Button up placket  
  • Rib Collar binding 
  • Corozo buttons  
  • Recycled polyester labels 


The origins of the Raglan sleeve can be traced back to Lord Raglan, a prominent British military officer and commander during the Crimean War in the mid-19th century. Lord Raglan, known for his strategic brilliance and influential style, is credited with popularizing the distinctive sleeve design that now bears his name.

During the war, Lord Raglan wore a coat with a unique sleeve construction that featured a diagonal seam extending from the underarm to the collarbone. This innovative design allowed for increased mobility and ease of movement, providing a practical advantage on the battlefield. Lord Raglan's strategic vision extended to the realm of fashion, inadvertently creating a timeless sleeve style that would transcend its military origins.

The adoption of the Raglan sleeve by baseball leagues can be attributed to its functional benefits. In the late 19th century, baseball was rapidly gaining popularity as America's favourite pastime. As the sport evolved and players sought greater freedom of movement, the traditional set-in sleeves of baseball uniforms posed limitations.

Recognising the advantages of Lord Raglan's sleeve design, baseball teams began incorporating the Raglan sleeve into their uniforms. The diagonal seam of the Raglan sleeve allowed for a greater range of motion, enabling players to swing their arms freely and throw with increased efficiency. The sleeve's flexibility became synonymous with the dynamic athleticism of the game, and it quickly became a defining feature of baseball uniforms.

With its roots in Lord Raglan's military attire and its subsequent adoption by baseball leagues, the Raglan sleeve represents a unique convergence of British heritage and American sporting tradition. This sleeve style, blending functionality and style, has stood the test of time, becoming an enduring symbol of military innovation and athletic prowess. Today, the Raglan sleeve continues to grace garments across various contexts, celebrating its origins while embodying a timeless spirit of versatility and freedom of movement.

Made in Portugal


Neck Size37 - 3839 - 40.540.5 - 4243 - 44.546 - 47
Chest91 - 9799 - 104106 - 112114 - 122124 - 129.5
Waist71 - 7884 - 8991 - 96.599 - 104106 - 112
Arm Length59.5 - 6162 - 63.566 - 6767 - 68.569.5 - 71
USA36 - 3838 - 4042 - 4446 - 4849 - 51
EU44 - 4648 - 5052 - 5456 - 5860 - 62
Neck Size14.5 - 1515.5 - 1616 - 16.517 - 17.518 - 18.5
Chest36 - 3839 - 4142 - 4445 - 4849 - 51
Waist28 - 3233 -3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 44
Arm Length23.5 - 2424.5 - 2525.5 - 2626.5 - 2727.5 - 28
USA36 - 3838 - 4042 - 4446 - 4849 - 51
EU44 - 4648 - 5052 - 5456 - 5860 - 62


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MODEL WEARS MEDIUM: Chest 39” // Waist 32” // Height 6ft 3”