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Hand Framed Artwork



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"I’d always recommended &SONS"


A captivating illustration—a reminiscent nod to Victorian scientific drawings, where the hand takes center stage. A beautifully crafted portrayal, this graphic image seamlessly blends artistry with the grace of anatomical exploration.

Yet, the traditional anatomical details yield to a more enchanting narrative. Within the delicate lines and contours of the hand, an evocative poem unfolds, handwritten with a grace that mirrors the intricate beauty of the illustration. This print is a celebration of the hands that have weathered time's embrace, capturing the essence of life's journey in every line.

The absence of traditional anatomical annotations leaves room for the imagination to wander through the poetic verses.

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"I’d always recommended &SONS"


  • 30 x 45cm (12 x 18') 
  • 50 x 70cm (18 x 24') 
  • 70 x 100cm (28 x 40') 
  • High-quality print on 310gsm paper stock 
  • Materials: 100% pinewood frame and shatter-proof plexiglass
  • Matte black colour frame finish and brown paper backing
  • Pre-installed hanging hardware and rubber bumpers


The Art of Print...

Timeless Archived Images, Artwork, and Designs from the &SONS Studio.

PRINT.WORKS, is an exclusive collection of prints inspired by the same distinctiveness and character that you’ve come to love in our clothing, each with a story to tell and a connection to our brand’s legacy.


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