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The Origins of our Iconic Peacoat

Our wool Boardwalk Peacoat is the personification of our brand and a true Pioneer favourite. The classic silhouette is something that can’t be beaten and will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

From the high seas to the high street, this timeless utilitarian coat is the ultimate outer layer for our Pioneers. 

The History

From classic to contemporary, throughout history, the peacoat is now a staple in so many of our wardrobes and we reach for this Naval masterpiece during colder weather. Originally adorned by the Dutch in the early 1800s, it was known as the 'pijjekker' because of its coarse woollen fabric used in the construction. Although its origins are rooted in Dutch, it was, in fact, the British that popularised the famous coat as part of their Naval uniform. 

As the peacoat made its way across the pond, the US Navy introduced it into their uniform and it was quickly adopted by ‘reefers’. This highlights the versatility of the coat as reefers were the brave men who climbed the tall rigging of sailing ships, braving the harsh winds and rain. Form and function made the ultimate partnership with the peacoat which has been its success through the decades. The high collars, double-breasted fastening and mid-length cut allowed sailors alike to move comfortably around the boat as they carried out their duties. 

The Details

Taking cues from the earliest ‘pijjekker’ we have focused on the detail, keeping our branding to a minimum and balancing form with function. We went back to basics with the new designs, taking inspiration from the archives of images he’s found over the years and set to creating the perfect sartorial silhouette. This included exploring new fabrics and techniques to create a modern-day version of this iconic jacket. 

During the process, we were introduced to a sustainable lining fabric, made from beech tree cellulose which uses considerably less water during production. We’ve researched recycled fabrics and hardware to produce a more sustainable production for our new design. 

From the heavy-weight, 22oz Melton wool that’s been woven exclusively for &SONS to the oversized buttons, forged from recycled metal. Every detail has been considered and consciously sourced - without compromise.  

To withstand the elements and create a coat that was wearable and workable, we invested in a luxury textile for the lining called Modal. A fabric made from beech tree pulp which contains 50% more absorbent microfibres than cotton and is more sustainable and eco-friendlier. The wool is recycled from old woollen garments that are repurposed and spun into new yarn. 

The Storm Collar

We’ve increased the height of the collar to protect the wearer from the elements and introduced a traditional fastening that pulls the collar together around the neck for further insulation.

The fastening can be removed or repositioned around the back when not in use. Due to the heavy-weight 22oz Melton wool, the collar sits proud when worn up and creates a unique silhouette for the wearer.

Layer up with our long sleeve Raw Henley and our lightweight Crafter chore, perfect for Spring. Dress up in our sturdy leather boots, and add a warm watch-cap to complete the look.

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