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The Manual For Life

We take pride in crafting each garment to perfection. This means we focus on the tiny details, but also the larger collection as a whole. Phil’s aspirations included a collection that worked as stand-alone pieces but also together, like a giant, stylish jigsaw. We make It simple for our Pioneers to style out every piece from the &SONS collection with ease. Let’s be honest, we’re all busy people so it’s our mission to make it easy to look good. 

He designed pieces that were beautifully tailored and hardwearing, so you could wear them with confidence in the boardroom of the office and beyond... 

Every garment is designed to be part of the &SONS collection. We consider colour, texture, styles and fabrics to ensure every piece works in harmony with one another. This attention to detail allows our pioneers to easily pair garments together and always look good.  

Our style edits are here to inspire and educate on layering and showcase how versatile every piece is.  

From the tip of your cap to the heel of your boot, we’re in the pursuit of perfection. The Manual for life is the ultimate guide on how to get maximum versatility whilst piecing together these garments into your everyday style. 

Seasonal Layering  

This is a strange time for styling. The UK weather is as unpredictable as ever so as we jump from heatwaves to hail we need garments that can be layered up and down. 


Our Chore jackets are the ideal solution and illustrate The Manual for Life perfectly. Our Chores can be worn with thinner layers underneath for the spring or summer. If you want something more structured and timeless choose a Henley, if you want something a little more modern and relaxed select one of our coloured Slub T-shirts. As the Autumn rolls around and the chilly breeze picks up, throw on a Sunday shirt over your T-Shirt and layer a Chore Jacket to finish.

This process of layering up or down, for the seasons is a simple idea but with all the choices of modern clothes, different shops, awkward sizing and low-quality fabrics, it can make the process difficult and confusing.

We're on your side and knowing that the whole &SONS collection works seamlessly with each other, makes it a whole lot easier and even enjoyable! Watch your style flourish as you grow your personal collection and revel in the confidence and flexibility it provides!

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