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Putting Our Best Foot Forward

We’re always trying to improve where we can and find the right balance between pursuing our passion for creating and doing it in a way that isn’t too harmful to the Earth. 

We’re known for bringing you high-quality clothing. It’s one of the core values of this extraordinary brand that we’ve built. We only use the finest natural materials that are durable, comfortable and will last for years to come. We believe in slow, cyclical, climate-positive fashion and are investing in sustainability because it’s good for the planet, our customers and for our communities. 

From mailer bags to transportation miles, we work hard to find the best solutions for our pioneers. Since 2016, we’ve simplified our packaging and now use recyclable materials to wrap your new garments. We use ISKO denim, British Wool and a range of sustainable techniques to produce the best possible product and now 75% of our products are vegan!

Our Most Sustainable Outfit 

In the spirit of Veganuary and the quest to be an even more Earth-friendly company, we’ve put together our 'Most Sustainable Outfit'. 

These 4 garments make up our most sustainable look... 

The boxer pocket tee is crafted in a progressive style and produced from 100% Organic cotton. The farming process of organic cotton uses less water, energy and pesticides than conventional cotton. We have sourced our organic cotton to ensure that not only is the fibre organic, but also the processing of the fabric and the garment within the whole supply chain has used no harmful chemicals and has been made to high ethical and environmental standards. 

Our pioneer cardigan is woven from certified 100% British wool and has a low carbon footprint due to the fact it's made here in the UK. It’s made by a local family business and we can trace every piece of the product back to it’s origins.  

The Cutter jeans are made from fabric that is certified to contain no harmful chemicals and is also made by audited factories and accredited mills. We have used recycled polyester thread and recycled polyester labels and the back patch is chrome-free tanned leather meaning no harmful chemicals were used in the processing. Due to the light washing process, this jean has a low environmental impact making them a good choice for your next wardrobe investment. 

Our industry has a significant impact on the environment due to the process of manufacturing and the waste brought on by fast fashion. At times, the impact is unavoidable but when we’re met with the opportunity to create something truly pioneering, we have to practice what we preach.

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