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May 24

How To Travel In Style This Summer

Our pioneers will know that we take pride in our hardwearing, timeless looks. Our inspiration is drawn from significant eras where true style really shone, and when travelling was as big of a deal as the destination itself. 

We've discovered some tricks along the way to keep your looks fresh and versatile on your journey. Outfits you can pull from your wardrobe in a hurry, ensuring you'll look sharp and put together, no matter where your adventures take you.

Simple But Significant

When travelling you want a cornerstone piece, that is both comfortable and eye-catching. Our summer shirts, worn over vests, offer this stylish yet practical layering option. These shirts, inspired by classic cuts and enriched with vintage charm, are available in a range of patterns and colours, allowing you to mix and match for a look that's uniquely yours. 

Temperature Controlled

A lightweight jacket is an essential travel companion, especially when travelling between different climates. Our 50s-inspired Harrington Jacket is the blast from the past that will inject a pop of colour into your look. From Presidents to Presley himself, the Rebel Harrington is a long-serving masterpiece of menswear and an instant classic. Pair it with a bright Club shirt over a white vest, and chino shorts for a style that is both airport and beach-ready. 

Luggage That Lasts

The key to any travel style is how you transport the rest of your clothes… Crafted with an artisanal touch, our bags are designed to age gracefully, telling your unique story as the years go by. Whether you're embarking on a quick weekend getaway or an extended journey, having the right bag is essential for stylish and efficient travel. The water-resistant waxed cotton canvas and metal studs at the base protect the bag and its contents, no matter where your travels take you.

Always Prepared 

A study conducted in Spain found that fabrics with darker or more intense colours tended to have better UV radiation protection than lighter colours. While we don’t suggest skipping the sunscreen, you can wear your favourite pieces regardless of the season. Don't pass on accessories either; between allergies and sweat, a hot summer's day can get messy. A bandana is both stylish and practical, and if you're the chivalrous type, carry two: one for you and a second to offer your date or travel companion.