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How To Reach Out To A Mate: Movember Tips

One man dies by suicide every minute, globally.

Men are dying too young and we can’t afford to keep silent. Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing a health crisis, yet it’s rarely talked about. As a proud partner of Movember, it’s important to highlight male health issues and how we can help each other to overcome them.  

The awful truth is one man dies by suicide every minute, globally. We can all do something to support someone close to us, so we’re sharing tips on how to look after yourself and your friends.


The pandemic was a difficult time for many of us and isolation from friends and family was one of the terrible side effects.

Now we have more freedom, spend time with the people who make you feel good! Catch up with them regularly and make the time to check in with one another. If you spot a mate who is feeling low follow our guide to remind you to Ask, Listen, Encourage and Check-In to help support him further. 

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How To Reach Out & Talk...

Reaching out to a mate can sometimes be quite daunting. You don’t want to say the wrong thing so you don’t say anything at all. But you know when a friend isn't quite right…

He might say everything is fine but his appearance or enthusiasm might say something else. And that’s when you need to step up. Navigating the conversation can be tricky, but Movember Conversations lets you practice those important talks.

Movember Conversations is a free interactive tool that lets you practice having a difficult conversation with someone who may be struggling.

Developed by mental health experts, it guides you through typical scenarios and offers prompts and responses that help open up real, meaningful conversations.

It’s designed to give you skills and confidence and provides brilliant advice for the answers you choose. This tool is open for everyone to use and is also available in French and German


With the longer summer hours and brighter days, adding more activity into your routine and choosing activities that make you feel good is a great way to improve your mood. It could be a walking meeting, a leisurely stroll, or simply opting to take the stairs. No matter what it is, movement has been proven to make a difference in how you feel. 

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