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Founder’s Favourites: Phil’s Top Picks For Winter

Winter is upon us, bringing with it a crisp chill and a canvas of possibilities to redefine your seasonal wardrobe. At &SONS, our commitment to timeless style transcends the fleeting trends of the moment.

Founder Phil's style philosophy revolves around embracing the classic, seeking designs that endure the passage of time and drawing inspiration from timeless aesthetics. As we delve into the heart of winter, we've caught up with Phil to uncover his carefully curated "go-to" pieces for the season. These selections embody the essence of winter style, seamlessly marrying sophistication with warmth.

Join us as we introduce Phil's top picks, carefully chosen to navigate those chilly days with a touch of timeless style. Embrace the winter season with &SONS, where style endures, even in the coldest of seasons. 

Ridge Snow Parker

A true testament to the uncompromising spirit of pioneers who venture into the rugged outdoors. This distinctive parka has been curated for those who demand nothing less than excellence, featuring innovative design and crafted with the utmost care.


“I wanted to make something great for Winter. This thick jacket is comfortable and can be worn day to day as it’s easy to style with denim” - Phil 

Ahab Submariners 

Our new Ecru and Grey Submariners are great additions to our timeless knit collection. The asymmetrical neckline offers a unique take on the classic roll neck and is designed with rugged charm for warmth and style.

“It offers a timeless style that is sure to catch people’s eye.“ - Phil


This garment embodies heritage, craftsmanship, and style. Our YUKONS are loved by our Pioneers and this was the natural step to take with the new design. It delivers both warmth and durability, completed with Buffalo horn buttons, it’s perfect for any adventure.

“Its design makes for a cool and casual look. It’s so versatile and can be worn with anything making it a solid choice” - Phil

The Henley

The Henley tops serve as exceptional base layers, particularly in chilly weather. The addition of luxurious Merino wool in our new Grey version not only brings an extra layer of warmth but also enhances their versatility. These pieces shine not only as base layers but also stand effortlessly stylish when worn on their own, offering a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

“Timeless and classic. I love a Henley as they’re super easy to style” - Phil

Tan Brandon Jeans

The same Brandon Jeans you love but in a newer colour. The tan colour, though bold to some, is easy to style and can add that extra depth to any look. It’s great for adding something a little different to your winter wardrobe. 

“For me, the Brandon is your everyday jean, I live in mine and they have aged beautifully the more I wear them.” - Phil

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