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Elevate Your Style: The Accessories Every Man Needs

Many Pioneers spend years perfecting their wardrobes. Filling it full of timeless pieces, each one faded and beautifully worn, telling stories of adventure and showing off the personality in their style. But let's face it, style isn't just about the big picture; it's about the gritty details that set you apart from the rest. In a world of mass-produced mediocrity, our accessories stand tall as a testament to craftsmanship and character, creating a collection of timeless pieces that will age with you.

Accessories are about making a statement. They give your outfit a distinct voice, that’s a reflection of your personality and style. A well-chosen hat or a rugged belt, are the details that show that you understand the art of putting yourself together.

Accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought; they're the exclamation point that says,

"I know who I am, and I've got the style to prove it."


When it comes to heritage style, the devil is in the details. Our leather braces are more than just a functional necessity; they're a nod to tradition and individuality. A vintage trend reborn and made right here in the UK, these braces boast the finest leather, classic brass fixings, and rugged cotton straps that effortlessly enhance your look.

From the rebellious skinheads of the '60s to the modern-day trailblazers, braces have always been a symbol of freedom and style. Pair them with our New Frontier denim, complete with braces buttons, to effortlessly capture that timeless heritage vibe.


A rugged pair of jeans demands a good belt. Our selection of belts is crafted with high-quality leather to complement your style. Treated with waxes and oils to achieve a distressed effect, it is a piece that evolves with you, reflecting the journeys you've taken. The natural grain remains untouched, showcasing growth marks and unique character that give each belt its distinctive antique look. If you're all about that rugged and worn-in appearance, this is the belt that belongs on your waist.

Traditional Baker Boys 

Hats for men are making a strong comeback and our collection features retro-inspired Baker Boy Hats with an original twist. It offers a fresh take on this classic headgear crafted from traditional Harris Tweed from the Scottish Hebrides and the finest Italian Wool. A distinguishing and unique feature of these Baker Boy Hats is the original strip of leather applied under the peak of the cap for added style and strength. Whether paired with a rugged jacket and jeans for a casual outing or as a distinctive addition to your formal ensemble, these Baker Boy Hats are more than just accessories – they're an embodiment of timeless style.


Our scarves have been handprinted in small batches making each one unique. Crafted with traditional hand block and dye techniques, we have a wide range of patterns and colours to suit your personality. Whether it’s a practical piece for keeping you warm during the cooler evenings or a casual throw-over, our finely woven cotton scarves are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Not to mention they look awesome knotted over a Henley or with a whole range of layers. However you choose to wear our scarves, we all agree you can never have too many and they are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. 

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