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&SONS Mountain Belt Grey


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Introducing the Mountain Belt, a tribute echoing the rebellious spirit and innovation of California's pioneering rock climbers—legends who shaped the very essence of Yosemite's climbing culture.

The design is simple and uncomplicated made using recycled polyester webbing tape and a branded nickel-free buckle it echoes the resourcefulness of those who adapted surplus store finds to navigate unpredictable terrains.This belt embodies our commitment to sustainability—a nod to the environmental consciousness of those who explored untouched heights. The branded metal buckle was selected for its hypoallergenic, nickel-free composition, it reflects the climbers' attention to detail—a commitment to both style and functionality.

This belt is a connection to the counterculture and rebellion that defined climbing at Yosemite for the past 60 years. It's a simple design, true to the ethos of those early rock climbers who believed in purposeful functionality, embodying the spirit that made the summit not an end but a beginning.

"Lovely quality and delivered fast! Recommended great stuff."


  • 125cm long x 2.5cm wide  
  • 100% Recycled polyester webbing tape  
  • Elasticated belt loop  
  • Nickle Free branded metal buckle in dull silver


The Stonemasters - The Original Rock Climbing Pioneers

In the sun-drenched days of Yosemite's Golden Age, pioneering climbers like Royal Robbins and Warren Harding engaged in a 14-year duel of audacity and skill, shaping the course of rock climbing. Venturing far from modern climbing boutiques, these rebels sought their gear in surplus stores, adapting and crafting their attire for the unforgiving heights they aspired to conquer. Harding, known for his unconventional methods, climbed El Capitan, Yosemite's iconic granite monolith, after 18 months of tireless attempts. It was the birth of a counterculture where climbers, embracing a newfound athleticism, sought to set new standards and challenge the norms. The Stone Masters, led by Jim Bridwell and the Camp 4 climbers, carried this legacy into the 1970s, propelling free climbing to popularity. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and a disdain for convention laid the foundation for the Stone Monkeys of later years, like Dean Potter, whose fearless endeavors in free soloing, BASE jumping, and highlining embodied the evolution of rock climbing. In the heart of this movement, the climbers found not just gear but a spirit of resourcefulness, resilience, and a boundless commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's considered possible.

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