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&SONS Lichen Moleskin Shirt Army Green



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"Superb quality amazing fit and they stay as good as new despite many washes. I love the look and feel of this shirt, my absolute favourite."


Introducing the Lichen Shirt - a timeless classic that pays homage to the pioneering mountain men, effortlessly blending heritage durability with natural textures and colour.

Crafted from a unique 96% Cotton and 4% Elastane moleskin fabric, the Lichen Shirt offers a soft touch on the outside with a heavy cotton weave that exudes warmth and durability. The word moleskin is used to describe the feel of the shirt with a soft pile on one side, just like the plush texture of a mole's skin.

The new colour is inspired by the organism that grows in the mountainous terrain, this shirt is a rich, natural green, much like the lichen, that provides forage, shelter, and building materials for wildlife. Lichens, known for their protective qualities, have also influenced our design, ensuring the Lichen Shirt is soft to the touch and offers a sense of natural protection.

Designed with versatility in mind, this shirt features needle cord trims, chest pockets with pleat detail and a pencil slot, as well as a utility loop below the chest pocket. The '&' embroidery at the triangular hem insert adds a subtle yet distinctive touch.

With a regular fit, the Lichen Shirt is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Its sateen weave makes it both soft and breathable, ensuring comfort in all conditions. The wooden buttons, inspired by the rugged mountain ranges, complete the look with an earthy charm.

The Lichen Shirt invites you to embrace the essence of nature and adventure, embodied by the resilient lichens and the fearless mountain explorers who once roamed the untamed wilderness.

"Superb quality amazing fit and they stay as good as new despite many washes. I love the look and feel of this shirt, my absolute favourite."


  • Part of our Mountain Range 
  • Army Green Moleskin fabric - It is a heavy cotton fabric that is woven and then sheared to create a shirt, with a soft pile on one side 
  • Sateen weave, Durable, Warm, Soft, Breathable 
  • Needle cord trims  
  • Self-fabric hanging loop at the back neck  
  • Chest pockets with pleat detail and pencil slot  
  • Utility loop below chest pocket  
  • '&' Embroidery at triangular hem insert 
  • Wooden buttons 


The inspiration behind the Lichen Shirt finds its roots in the rugged grandeur of the Mountain Range. As a tribute to the intrepid mountain explorers of a bygone era, we've crafted a piece that encapsulates their indomitable spirit. In those days, when the allure of rock climbing held the collective imagination in its sway, a subculture of adventure and ingenuity blossomed. Climbers, driven by an unwavering ethos, scoured army surplus stores and thrift shops, guided by a clear mantra: they would adapt what they had and create what they lacked. 

Amid the array of essentials that shielded these pioneering mountain men from the harshest elements, a hardwearing shirt was essential. In crafting the Lichen Shirt, we pay homage to the very spirit of camaraderie and daring exploration that defined these fearless souls.  

Made in Turkey


Neck Size37 - 3839 - 40.540.5 - 4243 - 44.546 - 47
Chest91 - 9799 - 104106 - 112114 - 122124 - 129.5
Waist71 - 7884 - 8991 - 96.599 - 104106 - 112
Arm Length59.5 - 6162 - 63.566 - 6767 - 68.569.5 - 71
USA36 - 3838 - 4042 - 4446 - 4849 - 51
EU44 - 4648 - 5052 - 5456 - 5860 - 62
Neck Size14.5 - 1515.5 - 1616 - 16.517 - 17.518 - 18.5
Chest36 - 3839 - 4142 - 4445 - 4849 - 51
Waist28 - 3233 -3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 44
Arm Length23.5 - 2424.5 - 2525.5 - 2626.5 - 2727.5 - 28
USA36 - 3838 - 4042 - 4446 - 4849 - 51
EU44 - 4648 - 5052 - 5456 - 5860 - 62


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MODEL WEARS MEDIUM: 5ft 11" // 38" Chest // 32" Waist