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The Cloud Shirt: Manual For Life

Overshirts have changed the game for guys' style. They’re a great layering option in colder weather and offer a casual yet versatile look.   

Our Cloud Shirts are an ideal overshirt with a medium weight they can be paired with thicker underlayers to provide more warmth or worn open over a thinner T-shirt if you’re heading somewhere warmer. 3 colour choices give you the ultimate flexibility opting for a classic Grey or a more earthy Rust. Say goodbye to uncomfortable jackets and relax knowing you look put together and ready for whatever the day throws at you!  

Our Cloud Shirts have been crafted with a unique blend of fabric, to create a super soft shirt that belongs in any pioneer’s wardrobe.

Our classic ‘Churchill Blue’ edition pairs well with contrasting tones and offers a bold but stylish look. We recommend wearing a white t-shirt as a base and layering our YARD shirt for an extra layer of warmth and finishing the Blue Cloud Shirt. Opt for our Tan Cord Brandon’s and accessorise with a brown belt, brown gloves and a striking green beanie. 

Our Grey Cloud Shirt is similar to our Boulder Shirt (though a different fabric!). We love being inspired by years gone by so with a shirt of this colour we recommend going classic.

The Breton offers warmth and style and is comfortable underneath The Cloud. Grab a pair of Rocker Denims, inspired by Elvis, and some of our new boots from Tricker’s - The Monkey Boot. Finish the look with a vale scarf and you’ll have a refined style fit for any occasion. refined style fit for any occasion. 

The Rust Cloud is easily the most vibrant of the three. A bright colour can often make people a bit nervous but a brave choice will always look the best, especially if you style it well.

Start simple, by layering a Black New Elder Henley T-shirt with a wool waistcoat. This provides a warm base and the colours are subtle enough not to clash with the Cloud. Opt for our Charcoal Brandon Jeans and select black for your boots, wallet and belt. 

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