The Rituals series is a chance for us to showcase the people behind &SONS and hear how they manage their work-life balance and what inspires them to do what they do.

This week we caught up with Kelly, our Head of Operations, also known as the glue that holds us together. Under the banner of operations, Kelly works with a team to manage our merchandising and manufacturing to ensure we have the stock we need for the season we’re in. Kelly has also managed the logistics and warehousing as we’ve scaled which is not an easy task. She is the driving force for getting S””t done and often gives Phil and James a kick up the backside when we lose focus or go off on tangents… this happens daily! 

When asked to write about my rituals I didn’t think I had any, I had to think really hard as my days are often carried out on autopilot. 
I’ve realised I’m a creature of habit, controlled, maybe safe, routine and in a daily groove. I NEED to know the plan, the plan of what's happening now, next and in the future. This structure allows me to know when to relax and unwind which sounds very controlling now I’ve written it down… let’s say ‘controlled relaxing’  if there is such a thing?


Most days I exercise, I use it to either wake up in the morning, unwind after work or on a weekend for some time to myself. I use an app to plan my schedule and I have connected with a few groups online that I exercise with which helps to motivate me - I've recently achieved the challenge I set myself to run 10km in less than an hour and now moving on to half marathon under 2 hours EEK.

Getting outside

Fresh air and sunlight are so important to me now.  During lockdown, I was mostly working from home. I would have to be dragged outside for a walk around the park with a coffee just to change my headspace and get some perspective otherwise I would be in front of my screen from my morning coffee till the evening. The fresh air would do me the world of good and I would be more productive afterwards. It's so important to breathe fresh air, walking and talking, sharing ideas and listening to others is so important for a clear mind. This has definitely become a new ritual for me.


I love music to dance to, something that makes me feel happy or sparks memories. Favourite song of all time - Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger. It reminds me of dancing in the kitchen with our close friends. 

Stephen King - If It Bleeds

Start-Up on PRIME

Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability is important to &SONS and as we grow, we are mindful of our impact on the environment. I have just started the course as I'm heading up this part of the business, working with Phil and the team as we develop and produce more environmentally conscious clothing. Studying at the University of Cambridge Business School is a great source of knowledge-based learning and will endeavour to improve the way we think about our business. 



Fooled you... happy April fools...