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MANUAL FOR LIFE: The Art of Layering with &SONS

Mastering the combining of multiple garments, fabrics, and styles is the very definition of layering and something we have pioneered from the early inception of &SONS. Layering provides our Pioneers with a ‘four-season look’ all year round and is particularly beneficial during the winter months. 

Layering up for that walk in the park or hike through the hills allows you to drop a few layers when you arrive indoors whilst retaining that signature look. It’s easy to get wrong but when it’s right, it appears effortless. 

Our mid-weight chores and jackets are the ideal layer for this time of year and a great investment for Spring Summer. 


The 350g Raw Canvas provides our Pioneers with a versatile, mid-layer to be worn with base layers and overshirts for the colder temperatures. Layer up with a heavy-duty peacoat and you have the ideal winter outfit.

Featured: Boardwalk Peacoat, RYDER Mid-Layer Jacket, Yard Shirt, Lucky Sixpence Necklace, Elder Henley Raw - Long Sleeve, Atlantic Watch Cap - Navy


The iconic chore jacket in mid-weight denim. Perfect for the milder days but a great layer when you add an Elder henley, Cotton Twill Waistcoat, and one of our super soft cotton scarves. 


With its latest re-design and cotton twill mix, the Crafter Jacket is the ideal way of adding texture to your outfit. When inside, the slight stretch to the cotton makes this is a very wearable piece around the house. 

Featured: Boardwalk Peacoat, Crafter 'Chore' Jacket, Yard Shirt, Elder Henley Shirt - Long sleeve, Lucky Sixpence Necklace, Atlantic Watch Cap - Navy 


The season for the overshirt and nothing beats our YUKON Buffalo Plaid. Designed to come up slightly larger than our other shirts allowing for plenty of layering either beneath our NEW Boardwalk Peacoat or as the the final layer. The 295g Portuguese flannel will keep out the cold and add a punch of colour to your outfit. 

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