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Manual For Life: Classic Club Shirts For A Cool Summer

For us, the 1950s was the epitome of classic, timeless styles when the world was introduced to high-waisted trousers, sports jackets and the iconic bowling shirt. It became a subtle statement of rebellion against the restrictive shirt and tie attire that American men most often wore out of the house. 

This colourful and sleek fashion world of the 50s and 60s inspired us to create our Club Shirts. We now have 11 styles for the summer season so you can rock one wherever you’re headed. Shop The Full Club Shirt Collection Here

By the Pool

A white shirt and black shorts is a classic summer look and one that was worn by James Bond himself. Now you can look as effortlessly styled as 007 with our white club and black Newman shorts.  

Cotton is a great fabric in the heat. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool. This shirt pairs well with the quick-drying Newman shorts which make it the perfect outfit when relaxing around the pool or hanging out at the beach bar.  


Beach Day

Once a forgotten relic of mid-century menswear, the camp collared floral short has become a summer staple and with the success of our existing Club Shirt range, we had to indulge.  

What would seem like a brave fashion move is in fact the most versatile item you could carry. Let loose with the styling and wear with our tan-coloured chino shorts for a trip to the beach.  

If the colour is a little bold, select a cooler tone and wear our pintuck club instead!  

Al Fresco Dining

For the cooler evenings and al fresco dining, you might want something with more of a statement. Our crane shirt features a pair of intricately embroidered cranes on either chest, contrasting with the deep midnight blue cotton.  

The finish has a slight sheen that sets off the cranes' white stitching and pairs well with a pair of denim. We recommend our Brandon's to keep away the summer evening chill. 

Beer Garden

For a lazy afternoon or a trip to the beer garden go for the ultra-cool rocker style. Our understated grey club pairs well with our Rocker Jeans.  

It can be worn unbuttoned over a T or solo, as well as buttoned for a sharper style. We recommend wearing this club unbuttoned with a white vest and some all-black sunglasses for the ultimate laid-back look.   

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