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Get The Look: The Guide To Our Best Selling Classics

We’re here to create clothing that matters. When you find that piece that fits perfectly, it expresses your identity, reflects your inspiration, and the confidence you need to make your own way in the world. 

We let the classic styles and attitudes of the past inspire our modern-day collections, giving everything a timeless quality that fast fashion just can’t match.

From Pinterest boards and sketches to earning pride of place in your wardrobe, we’ll always go above and beyond to create pieces that give you the confidence to carve your own path. Our pieces can blend seamlessly together, however you choose to style them, but if you're in need of a little inspiration, look no further.


From the highland clans of Scotland to the mountain ranges of America, the buffalo plaid is steeped in history and mystery...

According to legend, in the 1800s the pattern made its way to the US in the hands of Jock McCluskey, a supposed descendent of Rob Roy, who very quickly befriended Native American tribes exchanging the blankets (or 'pladjers' as they were known) for locally produced goods. The red and black colouring was supposed to have spiritual associations where the red was a dye taken from spirits blood and ghostly souls of McCluskey’s prey.

It’s hard to say how much of the story is just legend and folklore but, for &SONS, this timeless design had to make its way into our collection. Like every other piece, we wanted to pay tribute to the famous flannel but adding the &SONS aesthetic to create a future classic.

Pair with our rugged Frontier Jeans, Raw Elder Henley T-Shirt and statement Hudson boots, and you'll be sure to turn heads.

The Carver J.K.T.

Few jackets are as tough, versatile, and functional as the traditional chore. This faithful Chore ticks every workwear box and has done since the 19th Century when used by French artisans and US railroad workers to provide comfort, protection, and functionality.

These original chore jackets came equipped with oversized breast pockets, two hip pockets and a button-down collar that could be folded up to protect workers from the elements. The boxy, loose fit was ideal for layering in the colder months.

Pair with our Rust coloured Trucker cap and a genuine leather belt and you'll achieve an effortlessly cool style.

The Blue Carver

If Blue is more your colour tone then you're in luck. The cut and fit are identical to its green counterpart, yet the Blue is more solid without the heavy vintage wash. This means the jacket will naturally fade over time, and high-wear areas will produce authentic, one of a kind scars.

Accessorise with more traditional pieces such as our Tan Chinos, Tan Baker Boy Hat and a leather lanyard.

Union Overalls

This statement Denim one piece is not to be missed. Constructed from mid-weight 13oz ISKO denim these tough Union Overalls are a stylish take on serious workwear. As the fabric and the concept of the Dungaree entered the US, it was made famous by Levi Strauss where the bib and trouser came together to create the first overall. This new form of workwear was quickly adopted by ever hard labour industry and even colour coded based on your role. Railroad workers wearing a hickory stripe and painters wearing the all white version. As the decades past, the now famous dungaree was seen on celebrities, films and fashion runways across the world.

We recommend pairing them with our Staple Yard Shirt and classic Hudson boots.

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