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Transitional Pieces: The Ryder and Chore Jacket

These are ideal investment garments for the remainder of the Winter and spring.

Transitional pieces are the key to a cohesive and functional wardrobe that will last over many years. Garments that you can rely on to seamlessly lead you from Winter to spring means you can invest knowing they will stand the test of time. 

We’ve created these high-quality, staple items with transitional dressing in mind. Whether you have a love for the iconic denim jacket or want to take a little inspiration from the French artisans, we have something for you. 


Ryder Jackets 

Our Ryder Jackets are the most versatile and wearable pieces of the transitional period. Traditionally, the Canvas Ranch jacket was worn by cowhands, they usually had long sleeves and a shorter cut just past the hip for comfort. They served to keep the dust and wind off the cowboy and acted as an essential layer, built to withstand tough conditions and perfect for those colder days. 

Canvas Ryder 

Our Ryder Canvas Jacket is a combination of style and durability, made from a hardwearing, heavyweight, raw canvas that will age and fade the more you wear it. 

As the fabric begins to crease and crack, you will see noticeable honeycombs and fades, creating a unique, one-off look. 

Transitional Tip: Wear the RYDER as an over-shirt, keep the base layer simple and add a punch of colour with our Red Pioneers Bandana and Brown Leather Toggle.  

A colder day? Layer up with a heavy-duty peacoat and you have the ideal winter outfit. 

Boardwalk Peacoat


Denim Ryder 

A Denim Jacket should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe, it holds the ability to be dressed up or down giving you the ultimate versatility. The RYDER Denim jacket is a result of nearly 200 years of history, from early Pioneers in the Gold Rush through to the modern-day man. It stands out in history for being synonymous with change, independence and freedom, its’ seams, stitching and, of course, denim, represent revolution and hard-working American tradition. 

Every major denim brand went on to design and create variants of this silhouette in the form of a ‘Railroad’ for rail workers which was in fact tested by labourers for its durability making it the perfect addition to any high-quality collection.  

Transitional Tip: Contrasting denim with muted tones can give you more to work with as we guys enter the season of shorts and T’s. Grab your favourite pair of &SONS chinos, roll up the cuffs and add a basic white T to get a simple Spring style.  

If it’s sharper layers you’re looking for then introduce our YARD shirt and a pair of our Virgil Chino to complete a look that’s ideal for social and studio life.

Boxer Pocket T-shirt White


Chore Jackets  

 19th century France was the birthplace of the original ‘bleu de travai’ (blue work) chore jackets, simple garments made from hard-wearing cotton. They made the perfect workers' jacket with two large pockets to store tools, a loose fit, and a shorter length than a standard jacket to stop it from getting caught in machinery. Today, we’ve retained the traditional box-cut, shorter arms and signature four pocket detailing but with a cotton twill blend, which gives the jacket a softer, less restrictive feel. 

Crafter Indigo Wash Chore Jacket


Crafter Indigo Wash Core Jacket 

We designed our first Chore Jacket, the Crafter Indigo Wash and perfected the wash technique to give it an authentic 'lived in' look while introducing an opening to the back of the pockets to offer even more functionality. Made from 80% heavy cotton twill, 17% poly, and 8% stretch for comfort and ease of movement.  

This is a highly practical workwear garment with a rounded collar, button detail cuffs, elbow patches, and a useful set of external and internal pockets. 

Transitional Tip: Layering couldn’t be simpler with our Crafter chore. The single lined jacket is made of a unique mix which allows it to remain rugged and hardwearing but with a slight stretch. The vintage fade further adds to the style and pairs well with any of our shirts and our Boardwalk Peacoat. 

The New Elder Henley Shirt Raw


Blue Bolt Chore Jacket  

The Shawl collar of the Chore Jackets is seen across many garments in a Pioneers wardrobe, from cardigans to blazers and even waistcoats. The relaxed collar, with a much deeper cut V still gives a more sophisticated look than the Ryder Jackets but with a more relaxed feel.  

Our Blue Bolt Chore is a stylish blue fade made from 97% soft, heavy cotton twill with a 3% stretch. With a button detail on the cuff, it’s a classic gentleman’s piece that is timeless and perfect to wear throughout the seasons.  

Transitional Tip: Combine it with our white boxer T-shirt and YARD shirt for the perfect layering style. Add a pair of the New Frontier Denim Jeans and Brown Hudson Boots and you have a sophisticated, stylish look.  

&SONS Drifter Wool Waistcoat Grey


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