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Rustic Recipes: Shakshuka

There’s nothing quite like cooking some delicious food and setting down to eat with your friends and family.

We want to bring you some of those authentic, rustic recipes so we’ve partnered with renowned chef James Strawbridge on our very first recipe.

James lives on the South Cornish coast and runs the Strawbridge Kitchen. He develops new recipes in his development kitchen and can be found foraging for wild food with his family, out at sea gig-rowing for his local club or painting the Cornish countryside.  

We sent him some of our favourite gear to put to the test in his outdoor kitchen... 

"I loved my outfits and found them extremely comfortable to work in. When cooking in a hot environment it’s really important for me to find workwear that is durable and robust but that I also feel relaxed in.

The &Sons style felt like something I’ve been wearing for years, even after just the first cooking session. It’ll be a great outfit to wear cooking outdoors and chilling after work. Can’t wait to explore the rest of the range..."

Keep your eyes peeled for our next recipe!

Shop James' Style Below;

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Catch up with James on Instagram at @jgstrawbridge

And keep up to date with his new releases here

The Art of Slowing Down

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