VERDANT BREWERY  |  Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Happily hyped on hops

This Cornish micro-brewery has been built on sheer enthusiasm and a desire to create fresh, hoppy beers. Always keen to experiment with established real ale varieties, the Verdant Brewing Co. is steadily building a loyal following.

Verdant’s brews are the result of two men wanting to drink the beers they like. Adam Robertson and James Heffron were keen to gain access to more ‘hop-forward’ beers than they could get at any of their locals.

Inspiration was not only drawn from their British beer heritage but also from developments in New Zealand and New England. So, on the principle, “if you can’t find ‘em, make ‘em” they started experimenting at home.

After some serious home-brewing to learn their art, these two decided to take their beer-making to the next level so they started a micro-brewery in a shipping container in Autumn 2014 (along with a goat called ‘Elvis’).

Now they have their own building and have been joined by Rich White to help them create a brewing capacity of 10 barrels (with 288 pints in a barrel) brewing three times a week.

As Heffron says: “We always make the beers that we want to drink. If someone wants the types of beer that we don't make, then they can buy them from somewhere else.”

The pioneering nature of this Cornish craft-brewing venture is matched by the stand-out packaging and presentation of their hoppy and fruitful pale ales that reflect all the freshness and vitality of Verdant beers.

If the cap fits…

A stitch in time in...