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Autumn Social 2023: Introducing our Guest Speakers

The 3-week countdown to the Autumn Social is on! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, there are still some left but be quick, spaces are limited!

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Our guest speakers are gearing up to inspire and entertain, covering a diverse range of topics that promise to make this an unforgettable event…

Charlie Hamilton James

Charlie is a distinguished photojournalist specialising in wildlife and conservation. With an illustrious career that began at the age of 16, Charlie embarked on his journey in the world of wildlife cinematography, notably contributing to David Attenborough's iconic series, "The Trials of Life." We had the pleasure of meeting Charlie earlier this year, and are looking forward to hearing his perspective on some of the creative adventures that have defined his remarkable career.

Arron Crascall

Arron’s humble rise from a small-town bookie, filming videos on his iPhone to being recognised as one of the UK's most popular social media comedians has been a journey. His ever-growing popular Facebook page, with a fan base of over 3 Million followers, proves that hard work, humour and originality is the key to success. Arron's wit and humour are guaranteed to make you laugh as he shares his inspiring story of personal growth and entrepreneurial success.

Clive Cary

Many might know Clive as one of our awesome Customer Service reps however he is also an organisational psychologist and executive coach. His coaching work is focused on helping people not only to achieve their goals but also to set and follow a personalised self-care plan based on his research. He examined what can be learned from burnout and whether it can lead to people seeking and finding greater meaning in their work and personal lives.  


We are thrilled to announce that we will also be hosting a representative from Movember, the charity we've proudly supported throughout the past year. Our Movember speaker will engage the audience in an enlightening discussion on all things related to men's health. This special segment will feature a Q&A session, providing an invaluable opportunity to address important topics that often go unspoken. Together, we'll shed light on crucial issues and promote awareness, fostering a healthier and more informed community. Join us for this meaningful conversation and contribute to the mission of better men's health for all.

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