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5 Ways to Keep Our Clothes Out of Landfill

Globally just 12% of the material used for clothing ends up being recycled*

Today we buy 60% more clothing than we did 20 years ago and around 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfill each year. The fast fashion industry promotes overproduction and overconsumption of cheap disposable clothing and this is something we wanted to change.  

If you've been asking yourself: “what can I do to be part of the solution and not the problem?”, you're in the right place. From choosing quality fabrics to learning new skills we’ve put together 5 tips on how you can move away from the fast fashion siren song.  

Make Do & Mend 

This was a government campaign used during the War. From June 1941 until 1949, buying new clothes was rationed in Britain. The 'Make Do and Mend' campaign was part of the Government urging people to repair, reuse and reimagine their existing clothes during the Second World War.  

Although, today's issue is the polar opposite of rationing clothes we think it’s still a great idea. Small issues such as a missing button or a small tear can easily be stitched up and any fading or scuffs can be cleaned and chalked up to a good adventure. if you don't have a sewing kit to hand, most local tailors won't charge much for slight alterations or fixes either. 

If you’re after something more original why not go one step further and add your own touches to a garment? Add your own patches or paint straight onto the piece to give your piece a new breath of life.   

Gift Don't Throw

Sometimes, your style can change or a favourite jacket no longer fits. Don’t be afraid to offer them to a friend first and send it to a good home. You can also donate to a charity shop or send your preloved pieces to a shelter for those in need of a few good layers.

Make sure your clothes are clean and in good condition, and always call ahead before bagging up and dropping them off at your local charity store. This is an excellent way to ensure your clothes get a new lease of life in someone else’s wardrobe and keep them out of the landfill. If your clothes are beyond repair, a recycling unit should be the last resort.

Invest In Your Wardrobe

Buying quality items means you will naturally buy less. Quality garments use durable and comfortable fabrics that will last for years to come. As the age-old saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice”. Investing in your wardrobe, not only means you’ll have long-lasting clothes but the chances are, more care went into the creation. This means it will fit better and look better too.  

We’re known for bringing you high-quality clothing. We’re proud to support the valuable skills of artisan makers and that’s why we take such care over the design and manufacturing of our clothing. We only use the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship to bring you hardwearing, reliable and stylish pieces.

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Salvage Stock

Buying pre-loved items is also a great way to help keep items from being sent away. Finding a good deal in an auction, charity shop or yard sale will make you feel great and you’re likely to get something very cool and possibly vintage! Don’t be put off by the idea until you’ve tried it... but if rummaging around old boxes isn’t quite your thing we have something that might spark your interest.  

This weekend we are holding a sale with all of our misfits that need a good home. Our relentless pursuit of perfection can often bite us in the behind and leave us with pieces that are unable to have their moment of glory. A missing popper, poor quality stitching or a wash that wasn’t quite right are some of the reasons they just don’t cut it. 

Anything that isn’t chosen will be sent to a recycling unit but we believe these unique garments deserve a home in your wardrobe!  So, keep your eyes peeled, they won’t be around for long.   

Storage and Proper Care 

If you’ve bought good quality, new or pre-loved, now you have to look after each piece. Proper care can help to keep their shape in years to come, look better and last longer, AND it’s better for the environment. It's a no-brainer.  

It’s a good idea to pack away the seasonal pieces that won’t see the light of day for half the year and rotate accordingly. Thick winter jackets have no place in a summer wardrobe so removing them from your space will allow you to fill it with pieces that you love to wear every day!   

We recommend investing in some quality storage boxes to keep things fresh and safe whilst they’re packed away. If your space is limited, try vacuum pack bags that will shrink mounds of clothes down and save up to three times more space. Not only are they airtight, dustproof and waterproof, but you can also reuse them again and again, knowing your clothes are safe.  

Click here to find out how to care for your denim jeans 

Remember that truly investing in your wardrobe means reaching for high-quality pieces that you know will last. Timeless, beautiful clothing can elevate your style and increase your confidence.

This will only make you look and feel your best and yet you’ll be keeping your clothes out of the ground’s a win for everyone.

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*According to a BBC article from July 2020

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